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"Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don't think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without talking about the other. "

- Bill Gates

Where are those cogs and levers that help you become adaptive by incorporating agile strategies, architecture and infrastructure in your business and IT functions? What type of services can assist you with the following?

  • Creating and supporting an incubator for small businesses and departments to start ground up and organically grow in an adaptive way
  • Making existing business functions less rigid and more adaptable
  • Developing Lean and Agile business models and processes
  • Creating a cost-effective and optimally paced (based on customer demand and feedback) information systems roadmap
  • Incorporating and building technologies that adapt to short-term agility while staying on track for long term technological and research developments
  • Supporting, and testing for, gradual improvements e.g. employing the cloud infrastructure and software as a service compared to more substantial infrastructure, human resource or software engineering investments.

In the end, it's a collaborative effort, driven by the feedback of your various stakeholders (customers, employees, and partners, among other). Fittingly, our services are adaptive in turn, provided through a lean and agile group of very experienced industry experts, capable technologists, and highly effective downstream partners who can virtually align to deliver management consulting, software development and technology management services to our end-clients in a cost-effective manner.

Our goal is to work from the client's current culture, infrastructure and staff. We can assist in recognizing or, where applicable, filling any deficiencies, while, at the same time, bringing in fresh insight and experience.

The entire 'Adaptive' service team is committed to meeting your needs while staying faithful to your policies and ideals, your corporate goals, adaptive and agile strategies, and your cost/benefit bottom-line.



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