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The emphasis on IT and IS in an adaptive enterprise is to support a flexible enterprise architecture to allow long-term adaptability to industry disruption, technology maturation and social as well as geopolitical trends.

The use of cloud computing is not only pervasive but has been around for some time depending on how you choose to define 'cloud'. Accounting, CRM, ERP, and so on, have been running in the cloud, and the flexible interpretation of this term has been used or misused to market virtually any application that is meaningful in today's connected world. That being said, the 'Cloud' and creative application of the associated service (SaaS) paradigm hold tremendous disruptive potential, going forward. Companies can be truly adaptive when they tap into the power, flexibility, connectivity, reliability, security, agility and savings associated with this 'new' way of running business and information technology. Despite the overwhelming buzz, and the significant maturation and adoption of this paradigm, Cloud's potential for driving business innovation still remains virtually untapped.

Java has been around for some time and provides for a highly adopted, platform independent, open development environment with a strong dedicated community of developers. Unlike Java, Microsoft technologies like .NET and SharePoint are generally considered (Microsoft) platform-dependent but provide a quick and robust integrated framework. Mobile platforms like iPhone/iOS, Android and others have fuelled a frenzy of app and mobile site development.

Finally if you are an enterprise or organization with niche requirements then your vision may extend into the latest research and development of swarm computing (of self organizing autonomous collaborators), cognitive and expert systems (like IBM's Watson's transformation into healthcare), social networking and aggregation, and other cutting-edge platforms.

Adopt and Adapt


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