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"There is no greatness where simplicity, goodness, and truth are absent."

- Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace

Mobile devices, media conversion, social media, online instruction and knowledge dissemination, interactive marketing, collaborative computing, gamification, immersion, telepresence ... How can you use media to improve your bottom line?

An adaptive enterprise of today also needs to adapt to the changing media landscape that not only includes venturing into new physical media but also into the evolving social media norms, and we may not want to completely ignore potential social media micro-economies either. In the last few decades a gradual shift has been taking place in virtually every industry where focus has incrementally shifted from physical interaction and working with customer lists, into a world of electronic business, online presence and recently into mobile and social media landscape. Technology, user trends and globalization are among the key drivers for this shift. At this point mobile medium is leading the shift as key players like Facebook, Google and Apple have considerably ramped up their mobile capabilities.

In today's world smart phones are in the hands of every consumer and tablet sales have caught up with PCs. Mobile apps are disrupting multi-billion dollar industries including retail, travel, traditional media, gaming, publishing, and photography.

Social media continues to move towards greater business integration. In a study by Booz Allen and Buddy Media, 38 percent of CEOs label social as a high priority, and 57 percent of companies plan to increase social media spending.

Customer behaviour is continually being transformed by the almost pervasive online access, social-media trends like social sharing, and "gamification" of user interface are increasingly inching towards mainstream. This significantly effects how a new generation of customers will perceive and react to your offerings, and hence, how you market to possibly multiple customers segments across current and emerging media into the evolving social media trends and 'etiquette'.



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