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An evolution is occurring in wireless and portable computing: Wireless Internet.

Challenge: Integrating mobile into business processes and offerings

In recent years mobile medium has taken great strides from its ubiquity to increased productivity. Major players like Facebook have been ramping up their mobile capabilities with acquisitions of Pebbles, Oculus VR, LiveRail, WhatsApp, Instagram, Glancee, and Karma. In the past, advertisers have not pursued mobile media very aggressively. This is changing, especially with monetizing platforms like Facebooks's LiveRail, mentioned above. While the ad-spend numbers often failed to match the anticipated growth, things are changing and that the advertising spending has been expanding.

Smartphones and tablets have overtaken PCs. In the ever-growing global Internet landscape, mobile is leading the way as the dominant medium. Mobile apps are disrupting multi-billion dollar industries including retail, travel, traditional media, gaming, publishing, and photography.

At this point, not having a mobile strategy and a mobile roadmap in place for your brand can be an existential risk to your business or product line. The age of mobile has already dawned, and it will be around for many years.

In spite of its continuing maturity, mobility it is still an evolving phenomenon, with may inherent complications and challenges for its adopters. It is difficult to blaze through the thicket of hype and unrealistic expectations. There are also multiple players to contend with, including wireless operators, device manufacturers, infrastructure vendors, software developers, content providers, advertisers, and marketers.

Like businesses, consumers and end users often don't get exactly what they want. Businesses and providers are increasingly improving their users' experiences, but more ongoing effort is expected from both fronts to make access more seamless and less confusing for their customers. Businesses also need to better integrate mobile into their current business processes. Next-generation cellular systems, public wireless LANs and improved phones and tablets offer to increase the value of mobile for both businesses and their customers. There are further opportunities for businesses for enhancing the user experience and making mobile access more fun for their customers and staff.

Mobility of Everywhere


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