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"For the telecom and media industries, this is a time of intense re-examination and restructuring. It's essentially an industry re-start, in which almost every CEO is reviewing old assumptions and shifting corporate strategy and focus accordingly."

Philippe Donche-Gay, CEO, Telecom Media Networks

As we are heading in the direction where almost everything is wireless, wireless carriers must be prepared to deal with associated challenges, including the restricted spectrum and the cost of upgrading to 4G. Telecommunications providers must also adapt to how people will use wireless in areas like health care, retail and automotive. For telecom carriers, that may present a powerful opportunity to explore other services that will provide long-term new business models and revenue sources. Examples include the development of data management, as well as security, privacy or cloud services.

In addition, telecom companies may want to consider options for expanding embedded mobile capabilities, which can add significant value to just about any product out there. Embedded mobile can self-heal appliances, save lives in automobile accidents and assist consumers and business professionals across almost any industry.

Carriers who want to position themselves for continued leadership will maintain their focus on enhancing customer service and resolving connectivity issues. This may yield a measurable increase in consumer loyalty. From an enterprise perspective, telecom companies are realizing that mobility will be an important strategic weapon over the next decade for companies of all sizes. Its ability to increase commercial interactions, leverage cloud and social networks, improve data collection and boost innovation all are powerful motivators for enterprises.



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