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Financial services organizations must seek ways to improve profitability, while at the same time balancing the demands of regulatory change.

Although the financial services industry worldwide continues to deal with and adapt to the post-crisis issues like changing regulations, risk management and world-wide financial instability, the big shift started even earlier with electronic business, consumer focus, and global competition. The pressure to innovate and evolve is now even greater in the face of the new global, consumer, technological, regulatory and cost-containment shifts, and with the rise in global-scale competition and cyber crime.

For banking and finance the consumer shift started with the incremental roll out of online and mobile banking initiatives over the past decade and a half. This demanded large-scale software and infrastructure projects with security and privacy, among others, as the key factors determining the project scope and the manner in which the initiatives could or could not be hosted or rolled out. The resulting pressure has been especially significant to community and niche banking institutions. These initiatives have also fuelled a more structured approach for a closer integration with other internal and external banking systems and greater insights into customer trends and relationships, transaction and data management, and analytics. Transaction banking continues to evolve and mature, like other sectors, in the cyber and social-media realms.

Securities and Insurance sectors also continue deal with the post-crisis challenges as well as increasing online rollout, consumer focus and broader system integrations.

Adaptive Enterprise consultants have, for the past ten years, provided financial services industry new insights along with business analysis and software development services by working as part of, or in concert with, their in-house teams.

Financial Services


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