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By making innovative connections with dealers, automobile manufacturers expect to achieve more accurate planning, faster responses to market shifts, significant cost savings and increased sales.

Faced with continuing cost pressures and increased competition, auto manufacturers and suppliers are searching for new ways to enhance customer satisfaction, increase revenue growth, and improve shareholder value. Many are looking to reduce their information technology costs and more importantly improve services for future growth and profitability.

Important agile challenges and opportunities for automobile industry include, among others, information technology, product research, marketing, fuel efficiency, supply chains, dealership networks, service centres and driver services. Information technology and customer-centric LEAN and Agile strategies play a critical role in this sector.

While fuel-efficient cars and trucks, and alternate energy sources (hybrid, electric) are 'fuelling' the next trends in this sector, they are also incurring the burden on dealerships to tailor their marketing and retention campaigns, on service centres to align with the technology shift, and on parts and fuel suppliers to wiggle to stay in the supply chain. Future trends and necessities (like electric or hydrogen fuelling, semi- or fully-autonomous vehicles, occupancy/shape/speed optimized cars, mixed use thoroughfares, multi-terrain/indoor-outdoor use) may incur a more severe disruption to various players as well as to the supporting infrastructure including roadways and gas pumps. Long-term vision and understanding of automotive related science and engineering and the ability to plan and pivot have the potential to benefit the entire value chain in this industrial sector.

Adaptive enterprise strategies and software help automotive leaders connect with manufacturers, suppliers, and dealers to achieve greater efficiencies along the entire value chain. We can assist automotive companies in areas like e-business portals, mobile software development and business process and supply-chain integration to make the most of their technology investments, whether they are the original equipment manufacturers, tier X suppliers, dealers, or automotive finance companies.

Transport & Aviation


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